Kids Crafts Made Easy

Kids crafts at Craft ClubEveryone loves the idea of kids crafts don’t they? How many times have you had an afternoon free with the kids and thought “we should do some crafts today.”? It always seems like a great idea doesn’t it. Quality time together and a chance to get creative and make something really fun. But then, what will you make? When will you get the craft supplies? And do you really need the other 98 goggly eyes in the packet?

But don’t worry because Paper Town is here to help. We make kids crafts easy and fun. Paper Town provides the inspiration and all the crafting bits and bobs you need. All you need is the enthusiasm, keen kids and maybe a bit of glue or sticky tape.

All our Kids Crafts Kits include detailed written instructions with pictures to guide you through. Plus,  if you still get stuck, there are helpful video tutorials here on our website. We always encourage adults to get involved to help the children and have fun.

And keep an eye out for news of our latest events. We host crafting fun days for the family where you can come along and make something great. Paper Town will be on hand to offer advice, you can use all our supplies like glue and scissors, and best of all leave the mess with us.

Please note:

Our kits are ideal for children aged between 3 and 11. Unfortunately they aren’t suitable for children under 36 months. This is because of the small parts. We would always advise adult supervision with all children when using scissors and making our crafts.


About Gemma

Gemma is passionate about kids craftsI have always loved crafting and usually have a project or three on the go. When I had kids I couldn’t wait to get making with them as well.

I have two boys – Josh, who is 6 and Ben, who is 3. They both love getting stuck into a new craft project and are very proud to have the best ones selected for the wall of fame in our house. So, the enthusiasm is definitely there – big tick – but sometimes the attention span just isn’t joining in. No sooner had I gathered up all the stuff we need to make the craft and they had both disappeared faster than you can say “here’s one I made earlier.”

The other thing I quickly realised when talking to my newly found ‘mum friends’ was that not everyone is a lover of crafting – I know, shock! A lot of my friends love the ‘idea’ of kids crafts but when it comes to the creativity to put it into practice that was another story.

This really got me thinking about how to keep crafting fun and creative for children but also quick, easy and faff free for the grown ups. If we want to get making with our kids regularly it has to be fun for everyone!

Enjoy making!