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Not just paint and glue

Rock Monsters

Rock Monsters

It’s official, pebble monsters are feminists. Not just that, they are outdoor adventurers, lovers of mud, mathematicians, artists and excellent sharers. And they go to show that crafting is not just about making. These cute little guys have given my kids and I a whole day of fun, and lots of lessons along the way.

We have spent today making pebble monsters. Josh loves nothing more than a good rock and wanted to go hunting for one to give to his Dad when he got home from work. A plan started to hatch and soon we had the idea to make pebble monsters.

IMG_6858.JPG IMG_6859.JPG IMG_6860.JPG IMG_6861.JPG IMG_6862.JPG IMG_6863.JPG IMG_6864.JPG IMG_6865.JPG IMG_6866.JPG IMG_6867.JPG IMG_6868.JPG IMG_6869.JPG IMG_6870.JPG IMG_6872.JPG IMG_6873.JPG

Our crafting started with a walk in the woods to find stones. Crafts often get associated with indoor activities to pass the time on a rainy day, but this one got us out of the house and exploring. Josh isn’t the biggest fan of getting mucky but his quest for the perfect stone made sure he forgot about that. He was squelching through mud and dipping his hands in puddles to wash the best stones. As we collected the stones we had to keep count and work out how many more we needed so it was a great way to practice our adding and subtracting too.

While we walked and searched for stones we also chatted and generally put the world to rights. Josh’s friend Sarah joined us for the painting part of the craft, but was at ballet in the morning. Cue a long discussion about why boys can’t do ballet because it is for girls and you have to wear a dress. We stopped our stone search to watch some YouTube clips of male ballet dancers and Josh was satisfied that boys could do ballet. “They are very strong and can jump really high. Superman could be a ballet dancer but he decided to be a superhero instead.” By the end of our chat we were in agreement that boys and girls can do the same things. Josh is keen to clarify that is everything apart from weeing standing up, and I can’t argue with that.


Painting our rocks

Back at home, we washed the stones and, with the arrival of Sarah, set to painting the stones. First, we had to share out the stones, making sure the biggest and sparkliest ones were dished out fairly. Then we started painting – Josh started with the dark blue paint, of course. While the paint dried we treated ourselves to a snack and a drink before decorating them with goggly eyes to bring them to life and make them all unique.

A really simple craft and a great day had by all. Thanks little pebble guys.

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